Red Willow County Sheriff's Office

  • 516 Norris Avenue

  • Call Us: Emergency: 911 | Non-Emergency: (308) 345-1850

Law Enforcement

Our office is a full service Nebraska law enforcement agency committed to protecting the lives, property, and right of all people in Red Willow County.

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Our Mission

Maintaining the quality of life we enjoy and to ensure that our county is a safe place to live, work and visit.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Red Willow County Sheriff’s Office is to provide the citizens of Red Willow County with a law enforcement agency committed to protecting lives, property, and the rights of all people, to maintain peace and order and to enforce the laws of the State of Nebraska in all areas of Red Willow County including all towns and villages without or without municipal police departments.  

Furthermore, we are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution as well as the Constitution of the State of Nebraska. We hold our position and authority on behalf of the people of Red Willow County. Through our professional and personal example, we strive to provide a highly trained and professional staff who will protect life and property through the enforcement of regulations, ordinances, and laws. We will uphold the public trust and meet the public’s high expectations of our agency through our observance of the Criminal Justice Code of Ethics. 

In reverence for the law, we shall conduct our duties in good faith, with honesty, courage, and justice, to the best of our ability.  In doing so, we shall build the peoples trust and confidence in our position.  We shall never betray them by willfully abusing our powers, authority or knowledge. 

Professional Responsibility

Our office investigates criminal offenses, traffic accidents, enforce traffic laws, and serve as a representative for the County Coroner's office in death investigations. Other duties include but are not limited to collecting delinquent property taxes, execution of court orders, serving civil process, serving warrants, extradition of prisoners from other states, transporting jailed prisoners, providing security for the County and District Courts, Sex Offender registration for the county, vehicle identification number inspections, and gun permit applications.All employees of the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office are expected to:

  • Strive to meet the responsibilities of their assigned job duties, to be responsible for their actions and accountable to their supervisors and to the citizens they serve.
  • Set goals and precisely measure objectives within a time limit that supports the achievement of these goals.
  • Know the laws and rules that will aid them in performing their duties and service the public.
  • Strive for individual improvement
  • Be able to detect problems within their job assignments and be capable of making decisions in response to those issues such as problem solving, crime reduction, traffic safety, and police partnerships.
  • Enhance their level of technical knowledge, training, and education.

Community Responsiveness

All employees of the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office must:

  • Understand that service is the primary purpose of our profession.
  • Exhibit a compassionate and responsive attitude toward the community and express a genuine desire to satisfy the needs of the citizens of this county.
  • This can be accomplished through establishing partnerships within the community to reduce crime, make our roads safer, and provide assistance to the public.
  • Understand that community support will result when trust and confidence is established within our community.


All employees of the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office must:

  • Understand that the integrity of county law enforcement must never be compromised. The public demands and we must accept that the integrity as a law enforcement officer must be above reproach. We must constantly strive to reach the highest standards of honesty and integrity.


All employees of the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office must understand that:

  • They should strive to obtain individual goals for self-improvement.
  • They are expected to perform at their highest potential by seeking individual objectives in reaching their goals with maximum effort.
  • They are expected to have pride in themselves and take ownership in their work product.


All employees of the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office must understand that:

  • It will be expected that all employees of the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office will lead by example and be willing and able to assist any police or public agency when requested. We must recognize that the cooperation of all law enforcement agencies is essential for effective, efficient, and responsive law enforcement.


The Red Willow County Sheriff's Office will value innovation from all levels. The Red Willow County Sheriff's Office will strive to keep peace with the latest methods and technology through continuous training and education. All employees must understand the importance of creating a work environment that encourages innovation, input, and participation.

Sound Fiscal Management

Careful management of our financial resources demonstrates our respect for the citizens. Sound fiscal responsibility ensures accountability to the public and focuses resources for efficiently achieving the goals of the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office.

Office Goals

The Red Willow County Sheriff's Office and each member will strive to:

  1. Provide the best in quality service to warn the highest respect and confidence from the citizens of Red Willow County.
  2. Provide public service through individual attention with empathy, integrity, and professionalism.
  3. Identify areas in which public safety can be enhanced.
  4. Be leaders in the area of responsibility and countability by exercising the maximum effort toward reaching the Office's mission.
  5. Treat all citizens and fellow employees in a fair and equitable manner with out regard to race, gender, religion, nation origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation.
  6. Reduce crime, make roadways safe, and provide assistance t the public in the most professional manner.
  7. Be conscious of how they manage their resources and to focus their activities with the greatest impact on the Office's priorities.
  8. Utilize the best available technology to meet the demands of its employees and the citizens they serve.

As members of the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office, we must constantly be cognizant of our future expectations. We must work together, plan and strive for excellence realizing that the daily decisions that are made will reflect on the future of our Office.