Red Willow County Sheriff's Office

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Emergency Management


See the list of protective shelters in your area. Some locations are only available during certain hours. Be aware of the shelters near your home to keep you safe.

Red Willow County Emergency Manager Alan Kotschwar and Deputy Emergency Manager Diana Wilkinson oversee the Red Willow County Emergency Management Office. As Emergency Manager’s they are required to attend trainings and meetings.  These help them to be prepared for emergencies that arise in and around Red Willow County.   

The mission of the Emergency Manager is to create a community organization to reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. This is done by coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain and improve the capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from threatened or actual natural disaster, acts of terrorism or other human caused disasters. 

We work with agencies such as Community Hospital, Red Cross, Catholic Social Services, The Salvation Army, Red Willow County Health Department, Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department, McCook Police Department, McCook Fire Department, NEMA, FEMA, McCook Ministerial Association, the School Systems, Red Willow County Commissioners, CERT, area Veterinarians, and many more businesses, agencies and individuals.   

It is our responsibility in possible disasters such as a possible tornado to try to determine if or when to set off the outdoor sirens in an effort to protect the citizens of Red Willow County. We depend on the National Weather Service and trained storm spotters for the best reliable information to make these determinations. We feel the safety of the citizens is paramount in determining when to set off sirens, if the National Weather Service and/or trained storm spotters are seeing indications that a tornado is eminent, we must warn the citizens to take safety precautions.   

The outdoor storm sirens are just that, for people outside. They are not set up for people indoors, in basements. It depends on how close you are to the actual siren if you can hear them from inside your home.  This is why the Red Willow County Sheriff’s Office and Red Willow County Emergency Management are seeking additional warning systems, to warn individuals wherever you are such as Alert Sense. This can notify you by phone, cell phone, computer or a monitor in your home. If you have questions concerning Emergency Management please feel free to call our office at (308)345-1850.

Disaster Preparedness

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and local emergency managers across the state want all Nebraskans to be as prepared as possible for potential disasters.  

When disaster strikes, you may not have much time to act, so NOW is the time to prepare for an emergency. Knowing what type of emergency or disaster is most likely to occur in your community and having a family plan are important first steps to being prepared. Discuss and practice your plan to make sure all family members know what to do in the event of an emergency. 

Contact your local emergency management agency if you need information on which types of disasters are most likely to occur in your area or if you need ideas on how to prepare. For more information visit

Below you will find a checklist for your family disaster preparedness kit. Just click on the file name to download and print.

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