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Civil Process

Time of service of papers varies. The Deputy assigned to your paper will make as many diligent attempts as necessary in order to achieve service or enough information regarding whether the to-be served party currently resides at the provided address or if they may be avoiding service.

To facilitate and expedite service, it is important you furnish the most up to date information such as last known residence, place of employment, complete defendant personal information including middle initial, date of birth, social security number, last known address, vehicle descriptions and license numbers.

For the safety of the deputy and others, it is very important to state on your praecipe if a defendant has a history of violence, mental instability or communicable or infectious diseases.

Service Fees

All papers issued to the Sheriff’s Office for service, whether it be from the Courts, the attorneys, or the litigants themselves, must have a prepaid deposit. There are no exceptions to this requirement. This deposit is separate from any filing fees paid to the Court Clerk to have a paper issued so it will be necessary to either come directly to the Sheriff’s Office to leave the deposit, attach with papers being issued from court, or an Attorney Account is also available for those whom have many papers going through for service. Any paper received where fees are not obtained prior to service, will be returned directly to the Courts, with no service attempted.

Types of Service

Residential Service – allows anyone of suitable age, living at the same address as the defendant, to be served.

Personal Service – requires the Deputy to deliver the paper personally to the person named on the paper.

If you know that a defendant is going to be difficult to serve or has a history of avoiding service, please provide us with as much information as possible. Additional information increases the likelihood of successful service.